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    HELP GOUGED HULL!! What do I do?

    Hey guys, New member here I need some help. I JUST bought my first Seadoo and took it out today for the first ride and gouged the hull.

    How can I repair it? The fiberglass is not broken just the layers ontop of the fiberglass. Its like a plastic, is that gel coat? I'm a mechanic so I'm very good with my hands I just need to know what to use.

    Also its got a crack *you can see it in the pics*. Should I chip off the rest of it untill there is no crack or repair over the crack?

    Thank you guys so much.

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    Grind out the crack at a 45 degree angle all the way around the spot. then buy epoxy and fiberglass cloth. lay pices in there till its almost flush, then sand down flat, add more if needed, then sand again flat or a tad lower than the hull.

    the mix some black gelcoat and spray it in a prevail and apply thin coats till its even, let dry, then sand flat. wetsand and buff with compound.. read my sticky in the polaris area on the main page, its says painting a jetski.. i did repairs and a new gelcoat bottom..

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    Did you hit something? look like the start of delam to me...

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    Honestly I have no idea. As far as I know I didn't but I was riding very fast in very choppy water. Why do you think it's a delimea? And bowsniper thanks for the advice. I'm looking into it.

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    what ski you have??? it a common thing on first model year rxp/t's

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    Hey Ive got a 99 XPL.. And thanks for all the advice guys. I took it home and started looking at the damage and under closer in spection someone had already tryed to backyard fix it with bondo and fiberglass cloth. I ended up taking it to a guy who fixes hulls and he said once he stared fixing it the damaged area turned out to be the size of a foot ball. So $800 later my hull is properly fixed and re gel coated and looks brand new. F'n expensive but atleast its done right now and will never crack unless I hit something haha.

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