First, this is for my 2007 Speedster 150 215SC (single 4-tec) jet boat, not a PWC. I'm sorry but the jet boat forum is not very active, I posted there 72 hours ago, and I don't have a user manual and really need an answer here.

I'll be towing the Speedster behind a 75' houseboat at Powell in a few days and need to know if I need to clamp a hose. I've followed the water-inlet hose (which is the one I hook up a hose to run out of the water, right?) and it is routed quite high at least 8-10" higher than the block before it loops down and connects with the exhaust pipe. FWIW I plan on towing the boat 60-100' behind the houseboat, depending on conditions, wake of boat, etc.

Does it sound like I am describing the correct hose? I am really hoping that I don't need to block it off.. it would be a PITA because I'd have to remove the cargo shelf (and all cargo) every time I needed to mess with it.