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    2004 GTX supercharged

    I will be looking at a 2004 supercharged GTX in a couple of days. The owner is unsure if it is 185 or 215 horsepower. Aren't all S/C 4tecs 215 hp? The ski has 89 hours and he mentioned "rebuilt supercharger and fuel pump" - what would this indicate and should it be a point of concern? Any known issues with 04 engines besides the S/C washer issue and is 89 hours too much for it?

    Finally, does anyone know how much a GTX sells for?

    Thanks for all and any input. (I tried searching, but the results were too broad)

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    a 2004 gtx sc is 185hp with cast pistons and 17 tooth sc gear i have a 03 you can get these skis from 4-5 thousand i say spend another thousand and get an rxt but the 185 skis are good you just have to spend more money to make them faster and the biggest thing imo is the cast pistons good luck

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    Everything Mike said is correct. A 215 HP would say "Inter-cooled" on it and is internal inside the intake manifold (2 hoses on front). 89 hours is nothing, that's actually very low for a 2004 ski, 250+ hours would be a bunch.

    Who is the ski for, wife, GF, kids, you? Ok for them but your on this site and that means MODS, 185 hp is a good "other person ski" IMO, YOU will want more. 7650 rpm limit, cast pistons, lower SC boost due due gearing but really good family ski. You have A LOT more options with a 215/255 hp Doo.

    go to for pricing.

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    I just want the engine for a GPRXP conversion. I guess that I'll keep looking for a 215 hp ski

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