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    Resetting 2002 Virage i MFI/EMM ?

    Have had a recurring problem every spring when I bring out ski for the summer. It starts rough, but then runs only if revs are kept up... and in the past it finally smooths out and is good for the season...that's until this season when I needed to pull the battery, add water, charge it and reinstall it back in ski. Now it starts (rough) but quits when finger lifts off start button. I had it in the shop once in 9 years with a similar problem and was told that it takes a lengthy time pushing the reset buttons to reset the MFI, which fixed the problem. It was awhile back and don't remember the time length. Anybody know how long?? I held them down for over a minute and still no reset (security code didn't change). Any ideas. There is nothing about how long to hold down the reset buttons in the owners manual.

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    MFI reset button? Not sure what that shop was talking about.

    The clear domed 'Reset buttons' near the battery are actually circuit breakers. They normally never pop up, and pressing them down doesn't do anything if the button has not popped up.

    If you suspect the MFI, then unplug the MFI connector and bypass the security circuit so the Start button can work. The engine can start and run normally without the MFI. How-to details for unplugging the MFI can be found through my signature links, in the MFD/MFI section.

    I would more be suspecting the LR-503 Start/Stop module. There is a separate bypass procedure for the LR-503, also found in my signature links.

    If neither of the above bypasses make any difference, then unplug the TPS 3-pin connector at the rear of the throttle body. Engine should start and idle without the TPS connected.

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