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    Looking at kawasaki 300x

    A few questions before i purchase a 300x. I have a 99 sea doo Challenger 1800 jet boat with the 2 engines. I burn 40 gals of gas in about 3 1/2 hours of playing and cutting up. When i am out with my girl, 1 tank will last all day. Due to boat damage and hard to get parts (not being made anymore, like seats) I started looking at skis. I am in love with the 300x but have a few questions before i spend the 15k or so.

    1. Upset that i have to use high octane gas, Seems like around $80 to fill up at $4 a gallon. At cruising speed and general fun. Not hammered down (maybe 25%), what kind of time am i looking at on a tank? I am not looking into a full tank that i can empty in 1 hour. I want to make sure that it will not cost me 250 or 300 bucks every time i play in the water. My boat as listed above, cost me around 200 or so just to play on a saturday afternoon when gas was cheap.

    In short. basic riding in lake at 25% wot, roughly, how long will a tank last (hours /minutes/ not distance) ? I do not want to fill up every hour costing 300 a day or more to play on a saturday.

    2. Will dealers drop or work on price? Can they be haggle down or there is no way they drop below 15k? I am looking at putting 7 to 9 k down and want $700 or so monthly notes.

    I might be ordering this week. This will be my first ski. Not into racing or offshore, just want to be king of the lake. I really love my boat but i want to play in the water now. The way it looks, I might never be able to repair my boat. (just need seats, and other cosmetic things. engines run and hull in great shape.)

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    The 300x is a new watercraft that's very hot now. I doubt they'll haggle much if anything.

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