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    2005 1390 (BryanK build)... kinda cheap.


    I bought this ski in June of 09 and have had as much fun as I'm gonna have on it. The new motor was really just broken in at the end of the summer last year. I replaced the plugs and now it's ready for a new rider. The motor has NEVER been run in salt water. The ski was sentenced to lake/river duty when I bought it. My wife and I are buying a house and it was built in 1913, so nowhere to put this toy. Here's a list of the mods:

    Hot rods crank trued and welded
    Swain-Tech coated pistons
    V-force reeds
    Milled Head
    Trued Hull by Leo
    Ross Nemo's modified throttle bodies
    Three degree keyway
    1200 water box
    Pump pressure relief valves
    Taylor ignition wires
    Jim's FF ride plate
    Riva 1200 intake grate
    14/25 dynafly prop pitched by Jim
    Modified 85 mm nozzle
    Pump tunnel reinforcement
    FF hose
    Riva EFI controller
    Sealed battery
    Riva seat cover
    Leo's hole shot kit
    Tiny Tach
    Carbon Fiber Visor
    Factory looking GP1400R graphics

    I also have an 87mm nozzle and another intake grate for top speed runs. Ski is setup perfect right now, at the sacrifice of a couple MPH. Has done 79.5 at 1071' ASL (I'm about 150)

    Call me today at 678-520-1484

    Can get more detailed pics if you need them. Ski has about 90 hours on the hull, but only about 20 on the motor.

    Comes with the same trailer I bought it on.

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    price to ship ca ?

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    Do you know the jetting you are using on the carbs. IE Main ______- Pilot_________Spring ________?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yimihemi1200 View Post
    Do you know the jetting you are using on the carbs. IE Main ______- Pilot_________Spring ________?
    Its an EFI ski.

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    Do you have any vids of this ski running?

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    Has the ski been sold yet??? Might know someone interested.

    Sent PM a few days ago, but no reply yet.

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    Dang, where was this a month ago?! Oh yeah, I wasn't a member then. I'm looking for GP currently but I'm about $800 short. Very nice.

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    Thanks everybody for the interest.

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