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    Gp1300r exhaust?

    I have a gp1300r with intake grate ride plate and trim tabs..doing the hull reinforcement and pump seal's an 08 and my question is are the riva free flow exhaust kit and r and d sound suppression removal tube worth the money and do I need a fuel controller with the? Also if I just wanna do the sound suppression removal tube by itself would that b ok?

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    Freeflow is the replacement for the whole exhaust from waterbox to exhaust outlet, while the R&D piece just by-passes the sound suppression box. No you dont need a controller for either mod.

    Honestly, I would just remove the catalytic converter and replace with a D-plate. If you install a freeflow it will slow the ski down on top end a bit

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    Ok so will I need a fuel controller for the d plate mod? And even if I just remove sound suppression will it slow down up top?

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    no need for controller till you start raising compression or start playing with reeds (probable not even then )

    man it's hot out!!!

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    Ok well I'll probably do the silencer delete hopefully it won't take away top end with jut doing that...what are the advantages of the d plate cat delete

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    Spend some time paging through this forum:

    It's filled with TONS of great info for GPRs. So much great info on this site!

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    i have a brand new solas 14/20 dyna fly for your waverunner

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