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    fuel prob 2001 virage

    I took my virage out for the first time just bought 2 months ago. Ran perfect for about 2 hours then it started bogging and would not run full throttle it would for a second then go back to idle somtimes shutting off. Any ideas.

    some questions i have is where can i buy a carb rebuild kit?
    does this ski have a fuel pump?

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    Check cylinder compression.

    Click my signature links and read up on gray Tempo fuel lines, carburetor rebuilds and other important info. There is also a Parts Sources page in there.

    Fuel pump is part of the carburetor.

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    Ok I changed out the fuel lines,found a bunch of debri in the water seperator element have a new element and carb rebuild kit on the way.compression checked out at 120 and 122 that seems good from my house.

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