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    Thanks to Rude Performance and Beerdart

    Thanks to Beerdart for hooking me up with his custom fuel rail that finally got my ski back to the water...This ones works MINT. Def a great member to the jetski community.

    And thanks to Nils @ Rude Performance for comming up with the Rude3 Charger. Went from the Rude2 to the 3 and OH MY GAWD this charger hits HARD. Running a Riva ECU, Begi Setup, Skat 12vein pump with a skat swirl 16/21 ( all over the limiter). This ski pulls ALOT harder 1/2 throttle than my Rude2 did WOT. Put about 12+ hours on it without a glitch. Ski is amazing.

    Thanks Beerdart and Nils!

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    There is a huge difference in this ski from last year.. she pulls like a raped ape. today alone the mid range pull is unreal just seemed to walk away from me but then again my hi-temp came on lol.. in all honestly slow shes a fast....
    then again my gps said i went 231mph... pretty sure i got the fastest ski in the world lol

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