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    Just friggin great - gpr1200 issue

    After installing a Moded riva ride plate over the winter I took my 2000 gpr out for a spin. The stupid ski was porpoising so badly it was unridable. I was out for about 15 minutes or so when the ski shut down. I knew right away I had stuck a piston. I pulled seat up and all cylinders were warm to the touch. Did notice, however, that the pv servo was not cycling.

    Torn ski down today and sure enough #3 was toasted on the exhaust side. Piston missing chunk from same side. Power valve seems to have taken a hit also.

    This ski has less then 40 hours on it. Never had a single problem with it and other than adding ride plate the day before nothing has been done to ski since last season. Ski has oil injection and no lines had popped off. Then I discovered I had mixed about a half tank of sythentic oil with the traditional oil that was in tank from last season.

    Could the mixing of these oils have caused the problem? Could the porpoising have caused the pump not to load enough to keep the engine cool.

    Any feedback would be great. Do not want to rebuild the cylinder/piston until I have figured out what might have have cause the problem

    Also if anyone has a usable cylinder/piston set I just so happen to be in the market for one - let me know

    Thanks in advance

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    forgot to add that ski has waveater clips and pv was still attached

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