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    Unhappy 01 Virage Bogging down out of the hole

    I have an 01 Polaris Virage 700 twin I just changed the fuel lines. cleaned and rebuilt the carb and reinstalled. New plugs BPR8ES i believe, I'm not near the ski right now, It starts and idles fine when you go to pull out it boggs down, It feels like it's about half power, if you hold it wide open after about 30 seconds it will clear out and wind up to full power and run great while you hold it. if you let off the throttle and then get right back in it, it goes back int the bogg for another sec or so the clears out and runns good on top end again. Has anyone run into this before.


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    Smile Anybody got any ideas

    Just bringing back to the top in case all of those in the know were out playing on their running ski's this holiday this weekend

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    Correct spark plugs?

    Has this engine worked properly for you in the past?

    Was the carb rebuilt with a genuine OEM rebuild kit?

    Carb screw adjustment set to factory spec?

    Any warning on MFI display?
    Does the display work?

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    I have had the ski since new. last year i had to change the ignition module and lr module, I have a blown ski as spare parts, at the end of last year it started acting like it was running out of fuel. I put a kit in from the polaris dealer. The plugs are new and they are ngk Bpr8es , I believe, I know they are 8 and resistor, It is the factory carb with only low speed needle and it is set where it was when I built it. The display does work and it shows no faults while running. It does not try to die, it idles good. If I put the nose up against the retaining wall and gun it it will go up to about 4000 rpm and sounds rich. It will hold that rpm for up to 10 sec then suddenly it will jump up to about 62 or 63 ish. It does exactly the same out riding.

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    What fuel hoses are on that engine?

    Gray Tempo brand?

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    It does not have the gray I just removed it while I was rebuilding the carb. I replaced it with ethanol safe, I was told, Black fuel line.

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    The factory diagram shows those carbs to have an accelerator pump. If you pull the spark arrestor off and look down the carbs while it's idling, do you see a squirt of fuel from the little brass jets at the very top of the carb when you give the throttle a squeeze? Chance are the accel. pump is either clogged and not working, needs to be primed or like happened on my Genesis a couple weeks ago, one of the fuel lines coming from it is disconnected and shooting fuel in to the hull!

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    ck. the ck. valve in acc. pump

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    The accelerator pump is working. I am going to swap to a spare carb to see if it changes anything. I feel like it is dumping fuel to it when you hit the throttle, and momentarilly flooding it. I should know this weekend if I am looking at carb or ignition problems.

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    Check the height of the regulator arm in the carb. It should be .060 below the casting. It was way off on my 700, like 1/8 inch. I was having the same problem as you are. I adjusted it and all is running well now.

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