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    little help 92 js550 stand up

    ok i am new to jet skis and i know nothing so im looking for some help. im looking to get some exersize and decided to get at stand up ski. after weeks of looking i settled on a original owner great shape 1992 js 550 that is all stock exept for a aluminum water box. the top end has never been opened but when the lady started it it ran very strong. it has been sitting since 08 and once she primed the motor it started on the 2nd crank. p.s. the choke lever is turned into a primer and the other button on the left is the bilge pump.
    so that is all i know about the ski. to start i need a battery what do i buy? next the ski has no rust and looks new but it has been sitting since 08 what should i do before running for the first time? i have fresh 92 octane gas with 50.1 oil mix in it now. the lady also mentioned that if the ski sits for a while it will flood itself unless you loosen the gas cap to relwase pressure ? is that normal?
    any info helps thanks

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    if the ski has been sitting that long, i would go through the fuel system completely. rebuild the carb, check/replace all lines, fuel filter, etc.

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    Certainly an experienced mechanic could/would replace as much as he could that touches fuel on an older ski, but if you are inexperienced, I would do as little as possible (if it ain't broke don't fix it) and ride as much as I could. In the mean time you could read a lot of post with 550 questions, and then when you run into problems try and fix it yourself. Have a question, search for the answer first, then post your question.

    From my old 550 days, we had rule - keep lots of spare plugs on hand. That fixed a wide variety of problems and extended a lot of days riding. If you let inexperienced folks ride your ski, keep a spare battery. I have seen many a "friend" flood a motor and kill the battery in the middle of the river trying to start it.

    2 cycles are incredibly simple and fun to work on. Good luck.

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    New Odyssey battery, spare plugs, new rubber in the carb and to and from the tank (new reeds possibly too). That's all I'd do until something went wrong. Then I'd begin my upper-body workout!

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