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    Found out how "NOT" to make a turn. Ended up damaging the step trying to get back on.

    Within the first hour of riding my new GTX 260iS Limited, I ended up in the water. Was going up into a cove and made a quick left turn. Well the approaching wake hit me before I got lined up, into the water I go. I had the iS in auto. I have since started putting the iS in the lowest setting and I noticed how much lower it sets down in the hull. The ride has not been any more ruff than in Auto that I can tell.

    Now to get back on. Water had filled the right side foot well and it was leaning to the right. I though it would be a good idea to to get the water out before boarding. I pulled the boarding step down and put my weight on the left side to help bring the right side up and drain out some of the water. Then the step bracket breaks. I do weigh 280 lbs but would have thought this would not be to excessive and cause the step to break. Had it not been leaning I would have stayed in the center of the step. So now I'm looking for the bottom and start swimming toward the shore. I managed to get back on and there was still a lot of water in the right foot well area. After getting out in the open I hit the gas and the water wet out quickly.

    I tried to use some "Plastic Epoxy" but it would not hold. It came apart after 2 hours of curing. I probably should have used regular epoxy because I think this bracket is a composite and the bounding part of plastic epoxy would not work. I going to take the step off and that became a problem. I have several Torx bits but the only thing that will work is the ones like a screw driver or a T-handle. It has to go through a small hole and any thing with a diameter larger than the bit will not go through the hole. I ended up carrying it to Advance Auto and they did not have any T-handles so I borrow the screw driver style. I got the step off and now need to find a good set of Torx T-handles.
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    Isn't it still under warranty?

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    yea isn't it? that has to fixed with a new part

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    Same thing happened to me yesterday. I weight 290 pounds and I guess we are just too large for these plastic parts.

    I ordered the parts to replace and they cost me around $50 plus shipping.

    292001201 Support A $25.64

    292001202 Support B $25.64

    I will be more careful next time I board not to apply too much force when pushing off to step up on the back deck.

    Did they cover this under warranty?

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    could be worse

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    If it were me, I'd make a new set of brackets out of stainless and be done with it. If you don't have the skills or the equipment to do so, I'm sure you can find a local shop to do it for a reasonable price. Wouldn't ever have to worry about it again.

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    I like the idea of stronger brackets, but my only concern with your suggestion of stainless brackets is I don't want the Hull to fail next time instead of the plastic bracket. If the plastic parts act as a "fuse" that's better than having a hole in the my hull. I don't know the strength or fail point of the hull, and I don't really want to find out.

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    that bracket is pathetic, my 08 GTX has metal brackets!

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    I've found that the suspension WILL launch you while in auto mode in rough water, I now set it just below 1/2 way or lower depending on how fast I'm going.

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    Same thing happened to me on my 2009 rxt is. First day out in the second year. Worked fine the first year. Funny thing is I lost weight so it should have been fine. I just used an allen wrench from a standard tool set. If anyone has advice on the spring, I apparently didn't get that right and now it doesn't stay up.

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