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    when our 2 strokes were bought new..

    What did the dealers do to prep them? just top off oil and gas?

    I ask because the manual says to premix the gas on top of the oil system with 50:1 mix so when the dealers prepped them and you left out was the tanks 50:1 mixed or no?

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    never heard of running 50 to one with the premix also. dealers might have given it to you 50 to 1 to help it break in, and some guys run 100 to 1 with oil injection. shouldnt be nessicary to run

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    My owner's manual also says to run the 50:1 premix in addition to the oil injection for the first tank of gas during break in. 1997 GP1200

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    I was just curious because I didn't buy mine new it had 6 hrs on it and I hope the original owner did premix the first tank. Then I got to thinking doesn't the dealer fill the tank during the prep before you take it to the house? they always have on atv's etc I've bought.

    If so I hope the dealers put in a premix that way I know it was done..bc IMO that is an important step I see where it is important.

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