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    im new to all of this lol

    i have a 98 gtx limited and wow reading your guys posts good job on it all u have opened my eyes to alot of stuff that really needs att. on this ski well i traded off my quad of the ski and kinda wish i didnt had 5000 invested in the quad but oh well u only live once right. ok the 3rd time i had it out it blew up real bummer loved it on the water now that i have rebuilt it and went .030 over im still lokkin at and dont really want to start it without doin the fuel line upgrade but im on a very tight buget here as in recinetally unemployed and is there a budget performance options avalible? i want to go fast or be quicker than my friends jet boat with a 455 olds bb on it i want to rub it in his face that i can go faster than him lol hes the kinda person that has to be one up on everyone any help would be appreciated thanks guys

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    any old syle jetboats i've ever seen most always go 70 or so...that gtx wont see that

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    Welcome to GH and do the DIY fuel line upgrade. its the cheapest thing that you can do to prolong the life of your ski. and on the opposite note. if your unemployed i think that i would sell the ski and get myself back in the black till i could afford to pay to play. JMO this ski WILL eat money regardless of the shape its in. trust me I know.

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