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    Fuel problem or something worse?

    So I could use some advice. I have a pair of 2005 RXT's and have enjoyed them alot. Near the end of the season last year I was at the lake and one of the skis started acting bad. It was the last day and I assumed it was terminal and just brought it home (I have already blown up one engine when the SC let go and I know what that sounds and feels like). The ski started running about 10 mph slow (I wasn't riding it when this started) and the guy riding it just kept going. When I heard about it when they got back I assumed I lost another SC and that the DA ruined another motor. Anyway, I checked the oil for metal and pulled the SC hose off and it seemed OK. So I fired it up and the SC is working. The problem is that the ski starts right up but it runs rough and dies alot at idle. After I got home I came online, did some reading and assumed I just had fouled plugs. I changed the plugs and the ski sounded better in the garage. I took it out today for the first time and it is not OK. It sounds like clogged fuel filter, fuel injector, fouled plug or all of the above. I know that they DA put regular gas in the ski one day on the lake and added octane booster (again without telling me... no its not a friend, friends don't do that, he's family).... I did top off the tank on the way to lake today w/92 but it only took about two gallons...I also had the fuel stabilized over the winter.

    So - Do I drain the tank, replace the fuel filter and plugs again? Do I take it to a dealership?

    Do you think its not fuel related? Any advice is appreciated

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    I pulled the fuel pump and the filters looked pretty bad so I changed them (inner and outer)... hooked it to a hose int he yard and started it up. Idled at 1800... it seemed a little rough but I let it idle for 3-4 minutes and it didnt vary more that 100 rpm. Revved it up and held it at 2500, 3500 and 5000 rpm... might have stagered a little but held the RPMs smooth once it got there. Took it back to the lake and started it in the water.... started and went right to 1800 for idle... then after 20-30 seconds the idle got real rough and dropped down till it was barely running... then it died. The only way to start it was to give it some gas...

    Put it back on the trailer (had to give it gas just to keep it running). When I was up against the stop on the trailer I ran it up to 3500 rpm (pushing the trailer) and once it "cleared its throat" it seemed to push pretty hard.

    I am almost out of ideas.... next I will drain the tank and refill it with new gas, swap the plugs again....

    Any other ideas? Do these things get clogged injectors? I guess I could swap injectors from one ski to the other (they are one seriel number apart!)


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    Hey buddy, I would maybe try changing the injectors and see how it goes. Check where all the plugs connect to your sensors also to make sure they are snug.
    It wouldnt hurt to compression test to see where your at with that too.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by rev114 View Post
    Do you think its not fuel related?
    Sounds to me like your intercooler may be leaking. I would remove it and test it for leaks.

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    I'd also Check all the exhaust hoses, sounds like it choking it self out. Had the same issue before, any water in the hull?

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    I vote for an injector issue. Possibly an intercooler leak second. Possibly a new ski third

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