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    Newbie to the site...Waverunner will not start.

    I have a 96 Wave Venture 1100 Triple. About 110 hours. I live in Farmington, MI...suburb of the D.

    Anyway, I was riding it and it died. Towed it back and it turned over, but wouldnt start. Then the battery died. Got a new battery and it turned over but wouldnt start. Noticed smoke coming from the engine bay so I towed it home. Now it wont turn over. When I try to start it, there is just a quiet buzz coming from the engine.

    The engine does turn, I checked it and pulled a spark plug to see the piston moving.

    Any ideas, suggestions or things I can check would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to GH. Compression test first.

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    I cant do a compression test without the engine turning over, can I?

    I just turned it over manually, so I knew it wasn't locked up.

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    I thought it still turned over with the starter, maybe i read it wrong. You need the starter to do a compression test, and a full charge.

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    Perhaps the battery got drained from cranking it a lot? Try charging the battery for a few hours and see what happens.

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