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    1996 kaw 1100 zxi will only start half the time

    sometimes it starts fine and then you shut it off and it wont all you get is a clicking noise when you try to start it. Then if you let it sit sometimes it will start again and other times you just get a clicking noise can anyone help? i pulled it to the lake today and it turned over and then quit. and it got home and it worked and then stopped working. please help

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    Probably the starter relay, but it could be a problem with the starter or loose/dirty connections on the battery cables. When it doesn't crank, try jumping across the Battery and Starter terminals on the electrical box. If it cranks, the relay is the culprit. If it still doesn't crank, it's probably the starter.

    You can buy starter overhaul kits on Ebay for about $30. The brushes fit well, but the ball bearing that's supplied is the wrong one. You can probably re-use the old bearing, clean the commutator, and install the brushes.

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    had the same problem follow the positive line from the batter all the way to the back where it connects to the back of the ski ill bet its loose.. thats all that was wrong with mine usually when a starter is bad its bad... its worth a shot to see if its just loose as mine was

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