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    06 RXP Coolant Leak

    A friend of mine has an 06 RXP. We went out on Saturday quick to make sure everything was running right. About 20 minutes in, his high temp alarm went off. He shut it down and took the seat off. All of the coolant was in the bottom of the hull. All of the hoses were connected and from looking at the manual there seems to be a hundred places it could be coming from.

    After searching I saw to make a few WOT runs, but should I pressure test it first? Or is it normally the HG? His engine was rebuilt about 10 hours ago because of shotty mechanical work previously, so I would hope it isn't the HG rather something a littler simpler.

    Just looking for some input or other common issues that could cause a leak and all of teh coolant end up in the hull.

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    Go for a ride with your seat off and you should soon see, do the WOT passes to verify the head gasket.

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