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    Post FZS....which prop and what pitch

    Stage 1 with R3 reflash....cavitation on hole shot and only 7500 rpms at WOT. Currently have Solas 13/22r. A buddy of mine will be here this weekend who is a wrencher and I want to hopefully have the best one here for the free install and a fun weekend. My stock prop is not an option...chopped by stealership. I want the best top end possible and I would sacrifice and have a little bit of cavitation if it was better on the big end. I have heard some who love the skat and others who love Solas.....and others who repitch stock...thanks.

    Once again, anybody who is considering the R3 reflash.....Yes, do it....I still haven't stopped smiling from Friday.

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    Hey Chuck, since you already have the Solas, have it repitched to 15/19 That should give more bite in the hole and get your RPMs up higher.

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