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    94 kawi 750 sx question

    i was wondering if someone could help me out im new to the jetskis. mine runs mint out of water revs up no problem, a little hard to start seems to wanna fire when you let off the start button for some reason. once its in the water it wont start unless you hold the back end out of the water and you cant go over quarter throttle or it bogs out . you can get it on plane and if you lean it over in a corner or hop it outta the water it will rev out but when its under load it wont go or idle in the water. i have a new battery in it . i have no idea were to start.


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    Sounds like a plugged fuel filter, messed up carbs, bad gas, etc. Running on the trailer only means that the ignition system is apparently working. Also, run a compressions test.

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