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    Frustrated with death rev

    Okay gents... So after a few beers, I decided to do some wrench turning on my 01 slx 1200. I pulled the motor out and did a leak down test and boy was that an event. I decided to use lexan and silicon. Needless to say I couldn't get the motor to seal via pressure or vaccum. The culprit was the pto cylinder and exhaust manifold. Apparently the seal there was compromised due to the manifold pulling on the cylinder. I squared that away and the motor took a vaccum.

    I lost 2.5 inches of vaccum in 18 minutes. I assume this is good and decided to install the motor again. It's done but I can't fire it off until tomorrow. It tool about 4 hours to remove, fix, test and re-install. This better fix my death rev! I still haven't been able to put it inthe water since rebuild but I hope that will change.

    If you try the lexan block off: lowes has it for $3.98 for an 8 x 10 sheet. I also used a mity vac for the test.

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    lets hope so already

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    2.5 inches over 18 mins is good.

    If you still get a death rev now, it'll be because of fuel supply issue, carb adjustment or bad carb base gaskets.

    Have you done the fuel hoses yet?

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