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    Dual carb to single carb conversion

    I have a 98 GTI with 717 motor. It has a single carb. I bought the ski cheap after sitting a couple years. The existing carb was not rebuildable, totally ate up. A quick shot of gas down the manifold with carb off fired up motor for a quick rev. Now on to what I the subject is about. I had a set of dual carbs on the bench and I converted one of the carbs to a single. Mainly just moved some brackets around so the throttle cable would work. Is there any difference between mag and pto carb? I've got absolutely no power to this thing. It runs fine on the trailer (a small amount of hesitation on rev when you dump the throttle), but in the water, it won't get on top. Tank was pulled, lines changed, filters cleaned. Carb I used was pulled apart and cleaned. I set the main jet at middle setting and the pilot jet 1 3/4 turns out according to book. I would like to keep it a single carb to use as a training ski or to use for other friends who don't own ski but want to join me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    did you swap out the jets? im sure that the single carb had larger jets than a dual setup.

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    No, unfortunatly there was nothing salvagable with the inside of the original single carb. After going to the Mikini website, I was kind of thinking this might be my problem. I mean really, if it has a slight hesitation when you hit the throttle when it's on the trailer, I had a feeling it was going to be three times as bad on the water. I guess I need to buy some jets for it. I was about to buy a full kit but now I see this will not fix the prob. Thanks for making me think twice on this

    Actually I just remembered, I have a dual intake manifold that just needs some broke screws removed. I was just going for a single carb for simplicity. I'll try and get some jets since this will be easier. thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by airbornexp View Post
    did you swap out the jets? im sure that the single carb had larger jets than a dual setup.

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