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    How many use an epirb or a plb when running oceanside? I am not sure what the difference is between the two. I am looking for an epirb ,can anyone recommend a good one?

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    how far r u running out?
    IMO an epirb is way overkill for any vessel that stays within 20 miles of shore.
    i'd suggest a good handheld VHF with gps and dsc such as the Standard horizon 851 as it will transmit your coordinates as well as distress signals and you can hail near by vessels for assistance.

    if you're really worried, a PLB will do.

    even 25 miles+ offshore in my 28' boat, the cellular reception is great and is my backup communications to the 2 fixed VHF and handheld VHF in the ditch bag. i bring my cell when i jetski fish and keep it in a waterproof pelican case along with wallet and keys.

    unless running far and solo, i don't see it as $ well spent unless its burning a hole in your pockets.

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    The way I look at it? What is your life worth? An Epirb will go off automatically when you capsize or flip, it is in a holster mounted to your boat and automatically floats and deploys and sends the signal for rescue. I got a PLB which you have to push the button manually but I mount it to my life vest and my VHF radio is mounted to the other side. Things can go very wrong very fast on the water. The PLB will be good for 12 years so break the 3-500 over that period and weigh your own costs. If you've ever had problems on the water like capsizing, you will find being a half mile from shore is a long distance, especially if the seas are nasty. Cell phones are not waterproof and if you're injured in the water and can't get to your craft or it has sunk you want help. VHF will work if you want to take the chance someone will hear you and be able to respond in time. Use it if you break down or run out of gas. The PLB is registered to you and is linked to US Airforce satelites. It is a Federal offense to set it off if you are not in danger so when you activate it they will get help faster than any other means. They have your exact location from the beacon so do not have to search for you and they have all your statistics because you fill all that in when you register the unit.

    It's a lot of money for something you will probably never use. I hope I never have to use mine. ACR is the brand name. Compact, rugged and waterproof. I put it in my bag when I travel too. You can take it anyplace, not just on your ski...

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    Never leave home without it !
    I have a PLB ACR.
    Have it in the pocket on my lifejacket, along with my VHF.
    Best safety you can buy.

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    I have an Fast Find PLB attached to my vest. Only 300.00 cost and my wife would be pissed to find I went out without it...

    It's on my right side... Strobe on my left.. The Marines taught me to bring everything because you can't always go back to get it!!!


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