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    GTI SE 130 vs. GTI SE 155, where does the extra 25 HP come from?

    Hey guys, I know your not into the low power skis and either am I but I bought a 2009 GTI 130 for the wifre and to tow the kids on a tube. I think its the most fuel efficient ski Seadoo makes. I have a 2002 XP myself and pretty darn happy with it, light and easy to throw around, once that dies I will pick up a RXP.

    So I know I bought the lowest power ski but looking at the specs between the GTI SE 130 and the GTI SE 155, they both have the same displacement, throttle body size, bore, stroke and compression.

    Does someone know how the extra 25 horsies are generated in the GTI SE 155? The only thing I can think of is in the engine management software, in which case I should be able to do something with my 130.

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    I think its marketing hype, based on the specs of both machines they should be producing the same horsepower.

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    do they spin the same rpm...or is the part number on the cam different...

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    ecu, as far as i know

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    different cam and ecu timing from memory. think the 155 runs the 215 cam..but don`t quote me on it

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