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    GP1300R Running fault

    Hi guys i have a 2005 gp1300r and it starts and runs fine but upon revving it develops a flat spot in or out of the water. Any ideas???

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    Welcome to the forum. List any mods done to the ski. Has the cat con been replaced with a D plate? Also, how many hours on the ski, need more info, compression good, plugs replaced?

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    Hi its got the D plate, riva free flow exhaust, power filter & chip as far as i am aware engine wise. Only just bought it with the fault. 85hours but has had a full engine rebuild last year. 130psi each cylinder any good?

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    ...did the ecu code check and it come up 01 so looks like sensors all ok.

    So what else it starts first time, idles the give it a handful of throttle and it flat spots big time?


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