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    Yamaha '93 WRA650 Starter Issue?

    I have a 93 Waverunner III - WRA650. Runs fine once I get it started. The starter is having trouble engaging. The starter spins when you press the start button, sometimes it engages sometimes it doesn't. If it does engage it stays engaged for only a few revolutions of the motor, then disengages.

    Is this a problem with the starter or with the starter relay?

    I don't want to go through the hassle of removing the starter if I only need to replace the relay.

    Thanks ahead of time for being smarter than I am.

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    does the starter still spin after it 'disengages'?...if so then its prob your starter or more specificly the bendix in the starter is bad and is not locking 2 cents

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    Yup, it still spins after disengaging. I was just hoping that it wasn't the bendix. The starter is going to be a bugger to pull. It under the exhaust manifold. Bugger!

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