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    1994 700ra Starts but dies

    I have a 1994 700RA that starts up fine, sounds fine out of the water and revs up. When I put it in the water it starts fine, then dies as soon as I hit the throttle. Restarts fine then dies as soon as it needs power. It is stock with a primer being the only add on. Carbs were rebuilt last year by a rebuilder. Compression 150 on both cylinders, plugs are new. Ideas???

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    Quick guess .. sounds like bad fuel it fresh?
    other possibles...
    coil could be breaking down..
    bad fuel pump/s ,check valves or diaphrams in carbs...(cracked or leaking]..
    gasket or seal leak in engine..(going lean under load and starving for fuel)
    pulser coils shorting or breaking down..(advancing under load)
    Sorry this is so general but that where I'd look..

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    Thanks, will check Gas first, what is the process to test the coil?

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    check for resistance value of the primary and secondary windings...then take it to a shop that can load test it..

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