I have a bad ignition miss/stuttering/bogging above 3000 rpm. This is how I would describe the problem from previous experience.

Here's the list events leading up to the situation (bare with me) -

1. Sucked up a small piece of wood (about the size of an index finger) and got wedged between the impeller and wear ring of starboard motor.

2. Had bad cavitation. Stopped motor, crawled under to inspect the intake track but couldn't see/feel anything.

3. Drove boat back to pier using port motor. Clamped cooling intake line on stbd. motor and monitored to make sure I wasn't taking in any water through the line.

4. Once I got the boat out of the water I discovered the piece of wood and was able to pry it out.

5. Started the stbd. motor the following morning and it would only run for a few seconds and stop. Seemed to be binding up.

6. Pulled spark plugs to verify there was no water in the motor. Dry plugs, no water shot out of the holes as I turned it over. Motor cranked freely and I crawled under the boat and watched the impeller spin freely as well. Only small scrapes on the wear ring.

7. After several attempts got the motor to start and run as it seemed to clear up almost as if it was flooded (with gas). Motor ran but was rough and seemed to be missing.

8. Replaced plugs and coil packs in the stbd. motor with the ones from the port motor. Seemed to run better but still had the "miss".

9. Installed stbd. plugs/coil packs back into port motor and it ran fine.

9. Put boat back in the water for test drive but was still missing badly above 3000 rpm.

Looking for some suggestions of what else to look for. Don't know if ingesting the wood piece has anything to do with this or not but it ran fine before that happened. Also not sure if my interpretation of the motor "missing" is exatly that. Doesn't seem to be anything mechanical (bent impeller/driveshaft) since there's no unusual vibration/noise. Searched the forum but didn't come up with anything related.

Appreciate any feedback...