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    New fuel pump placement?

    on my 93 sl650, I have the mikuni high flow fuel pump along with the ocean pro f/a setup...where the heck do I mount the fuel pump? right now I have it zip tied to the carb rack, but that's just not gonna work.

    any ideas?

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    Most guys mount it low in the hull. (but above the pulse fitting on the engine to keep any fluids from getting inside the fuel pump on the air side and rendering it useless) Mounting it low allows gravity to help supply the fuel pump, VS. the stock location that had to "pull" fuel uphill to the pump.

    It's normally installed on the hull "rib" right in front of the battery.

    Keep in mind that you want the pulse hose to be as short as possible (less than 12") to keep a strong signal going to the fuel pump.

    And use a good rigid hose as the pulse line. I prefer reinforced fuel line myself. Beerdart and I believe we had fuel supply issues when using soft walled hoses. (Pretty sure the hose was collapsing under vacuum when the engine would heat up and the rubber would get softer)

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