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    99 GSX Limited Backfiring after Flywheel Replacement

    I am currently working on a 99 GSX limited.
    Owner could not get engine to turn over. I initially though motor was seized, as the eninge would not turn by hand with the plugs out. eventually I got it to move but it felt like something was tearing or partially seized.

    Removed engine and on opening the MAG cover is found the stator all chewed up. Flywheel was also damaged. Looks like one of the flywhewel bolts worked its way loose and ripped the stator apart. Bendix and starter were also shot.

    So i replaced flywheel, stator, starter and bendix. All new gaskets and seals. Leak tested engine and all good. Everything back in when I tried to start motor all it does is backfire. It makes no attempt to start.
    Spark is good.

    I also tried it with another MPEM and still the same problem

    what could be the problem here.

    All suggestions appreciated

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    Sound like the timing off or the spark plugs our back words. Did you check to see if there are any blown fuse. I am not sure the timing spec on that motor. Someone on this site will know. sorry I couldn't help.

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    what ski/year did the replacement flywheel come from

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterstick View Post
    what ski/year did the replacement flywheel come from
    +1 yea there were two versions of the 951.

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    Flywheel was right one, came off the exact same year and model. It turned out that the replacement flywheel was bolt incorrectly to the magnet cup. 180 degrees out on timing. So all back together and starts up first go.

    Thanks for the replies

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