I bought this from a guy that didnt know anything at all about the ski, he bought it with mods
I rod my friends stock honda 4 stroke f-12 non turbo or supercharged and it felt 10 times faster than this thing. the hole shot felt like it rip your arms out compared to my gp1200r
i was hoping for more out of this bike. I hope there is just somthing wrong with it
My 96 750 stx would walk this out of the hole

Here is what i can tell is done to it
2000 gp1200r 91 hours
stage 3 riva D plate
Riva exhaust
Before even taking out i cleaned power valves and installed wave eater clips

I just took it out for the first time and wasnt to empressed I touched 62 on the dreamometer once mostly ran at 59 (not gps)

was bogging hard out of the hole then some times on the top end felt like it was either looseing fuel or cavitating speed would drop down to 48
most times the front would bob up and down it was a bitch to even get a good run

since i am unsure of the history I am going threw one thing at a time. I plan to address the fuel issue first. Here is what i have planed before next outing.

pull carbs clean rebuild
110 pilots
1.5 n/s
95 gram springs
adjust pop off with in 2 psi of each around 43 to 45 psi
install new in carb fuel fitlers or clean
pull the tapps but not adjust yet

remove fuel door flap
new in line fuel fiter

Now here is some questions.

Will the jet works holshot mod work with the aftermarket exhaust system?

Also there was a good amount of oil floating in the bottom of the haul is this normal with this bike?

I checked the oil lines on the carbs but they seem to be good i know they pop off.

I am unsure how far i am going to take this ski not sure if i like it yet

if all goes well i will keep modding (why i went with this pwc)
next would be
maching ride plate
intake grate if there is a good one now avaible
block the pump
maybe prop and replace the plactic cone and nozzle but like i said not sure how far to go
this is just a weekend toy but have a problem of not leaving things alone

The plan was to have a 60 to 70 mph (gps) ski with hard low end that can run on 87 since some place i go that is all they have

If this thing dont jump out of the water like i hope either going to just buy a honda or do a gpr 4 tec (non forced induction) convertion but would hope to hit around 70 to 80

any help or guidance is welcome
Thank you