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    06 rxp turbo cooling question

    Bought a 06 rxp turbo and im stuck on a issue with cooling hopefully someone will chime in and help. off the top of the pump shoe (reverse side) theres a line to cool the the the bottom theres a line that goes into a tee and one line goes to the (after turbo) exhaust and the other to the inlet of the intercooler. then theres a line off the intercooler (out) to the other side of the shoe(steering side)
    Question I have is theres a nipple off the front of the ex manifold and a elbow off the rear of the exhaust manifold. where the heck do I get water for them? Or am I not supposed to? Seems silly not to have cooling on the exhaust manifold but maybe im wrong. Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe post a couple pictures that clearly show the cooling lines to make sure we understand your current routing .... But on the SC skis, the line off the pump shoe is 3/4" and usually goes to a strainer, then the IC, out of the IC to the front of the exhaust manifold, and then out the two smaller fittings on the back of the exhaust manifold and into the J pipe, then out the waterbox. There is also an exit line out the back of the ski that comes off the top of the J pipe.

    Not exactly sure of your setup, but it sounds a bit strange ... pictures would help a lot.

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    Are u running open loop on the motor?
    Or coolant?

    I ran my IC out line to the front of the ex manifold, my IC bleed line cools the turbo, and wastegate. The out of the ex manifold goes to j pipe, off one of the J pipe fittings to my oil cooler, then out the back of the shoe. The Tee below the J pipe I ran to the Down pipe jacket after the turbo.

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    Thank you PsychoRXP! Got her figured out now. I really think I need to go to open loop with all this heat.

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