Alright so im sure tonight i will scour the forums but i wanted to get a thread up for any immediate questions that could be answered.

I bought a used sea doo 800 motor for my 98 sea doo gtx. I pulled off the valve cover to inspect the pistons and to verify there is no damage "our last motor dropped a valve and it destroyed the piston and took out the sidewall of the sleeve".

1) Can i or should i clean the top of the piston? What should i use? Figured while its off id clean it up.

2) Can the valve cover gasket be re-used and if so should i also use a bit of gasket goo on the corners?

3) What should be used to clean the carb filters?

4) should i clean or removed/replace anything else while everything is apart? Right now the engine is out, carbs are seperated and im about to make a run to get some new lines to replace all the old grey lines.

I will sit down later tonight and scour these forums for info but for the time being id like to get as much done today as i can as i finally have a day off work. I am new to working on sea doo's but i am a car junky. Its been a while sense we removed the motor and im sure when i go to re-install i will have questions as to what lines go where...i actually had all the lines tapped/marked accordingly how-ever small children like to hide inside empty sea doo's and pull off tape lol.

Anywho, thanks for all the info, i truly appreciate it and hope to bring this back to life.