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    My crazy CDI (650 SX)

    My CDI is crazy.
    First it runs smooth, then it runs shitty.
    Now today I could hear a sound from it, BUT......
    -the sound ONLY comes when I put a sparkplug in the sparkplug shoe
    -only happens on one of the spark plug wires
    -the sound is like a boiling sound and kinda low
    -the sound last for approx 7 sec, constantly lowering till I cant hear it
    -if the sparkplug is taken out and in again, it starts over with the sound
    -the spark plug IS NOOOOT placed on the head, it is only in the air, no ground, no nothing
    -this happens only with a sparkplug any kind of sparkplug and it doesnt happen with a screw driver put in the shoe
    -if spark plug is placed on the head, to ground (able to see the spark). The spark will only happen once in a while
    -this has been a problem before, I thought I fixed it, but it might be a varmth problem causing this? Or moist? So that it can run the first 10 min without probs.

    HAHA I just figured out the problem while I was writing this AND I was about to put filmclips up of it.
    Apparently my sparkplug shoe is so air tight around the wire and it is so tight around the sparkplug also that the air goes ALL the way through the sparkplug wire into the CDI where there must be a small leakage (which I dont like). But I like my air tight boots.
    I figured it out with a finger on the boot, and pushing on the sides!

    The problem with the spark itself seems to be that I had to have both plugs connected at the same time, which I thought was not important. Can anyone confirm this? Why it would give me a spark sometimes, I cant quite figure out (read last line).

    I still have the problem that my ski doesnt run fast after I overheated the engine because of some dumbass screws falling off.

    I am so confused if I should take a look at my reeds? Or maybe the small whole in the CDI box can cause moist to get in a get a ground on the box it is placed on, tus making my spark go directly to ground. Take in mind that I have fixed my CDI once, cause the cable was broken inside the CDI. This cant be the problem anymore, it was fixed very nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonthk View Post
    I still have the problem that my ski doesnt run fast after I overheated the engine
    You probably smoked it. Run a compression test.

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