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    Impeller clearance

    What should I be looking for in impeller to wear ring clearance no more then .003"? I have a 15F I just installed a used 14/21 impeller that has .013" clearance it seems to cavitate off the hole compared to my 13/19 stock impeller that had a clearance of .008" I dont know if it is a clearance problem or a pitch problem

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    what else is done to the 15F?

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    I done a free flow exhaust, aftermarket air filter, R&D ride plate and R&D intake grate. With all these mods I ran with the 13/19 and the 14/21 overall the 13/19 ran better hole shot and top speed. I am not sure weather I can try to get the 14/21 repitched of if it just needs to have less clearence to the wear ring? My rpm was one bar from max on the top end so mabe 14/20 would be better.

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