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    info for mpem diode replacement

    Ive seen a couple pics of early mpems that were dissected to replace the diode that commonly blows.
    I want to make double sure I dig in just the right area.
    717 mpem for 96-05 .

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    ever find out anything. i am trying to fix them. just need to know what diode should be used

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    according to other boards is the one labeled SK024. I would think anything around around 3-6 amps would work....but I could be wrong.

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    You think that for all mpems? Any discriptions? If i had an endless supply of dead ones i could just hack away and figure it out. Thought with all the knowledge on these sites i could get this figured out faster. Toughest part is to get to the diodes. When you get there it is easy to figure out the bad one.

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