Hi i'm new to green hulk i hope some one can help me with a problem with my jet ski . Its a 2001 kawasaki stx 1100 di from what i can see from other post they have problems. I do repairs on boats on the side for a friend and they had given it to me because the dealer had horrified with the repair cost. I looked into why it would not run its getting no power to the coil packs when turning over. Battery is fully charged i started with the crack sensor bought it new still nothing . Sent computer to dfi they said that computer was on bench test and there was no problem with it they were very nice people to deal with and only charged the shiping cost. Last changed the stator with one out of a running machine it was guaranteed and the same year machine and still nothing am I over looking something stupid. I have undone 90% of the wire looms and checked fuses in small fuse box on the battery . If any one out there can help I would be grateful thanks for reading.