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    New here. Have some questions.

    I just bought a pair of 99 GTX Limiteds. Happy with them so far. Only had them out twice though. So I determined I have a 15 gal gas tank and 1.6 gal oil tank. So whats the mixture rate? Or how long will the tank of oil last me, in terms of gal of gas? also, one of them is faster than the other. about 5mph faster and runs 500 rpms more. I am not too worried about the speed I am just curious as too why... Thanks


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    Glad to see ya, It all depends on how much you ride but i would guess 15 to 20 hrs riding time on the oil consumption,those are great skis too.Make sure the grey fuel lines are ALL replaced and the carbs are freshly cleaned.

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    1 tank of oil lasts 3 tanks of gas but i dont like to push it unless im in a bind on the water. +1 clean the carbs and get the fuel systems revamped. dont forget the needle and seats also...most people over look them.

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    great thanks for the tips.

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