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    XLT 1200 vs gp1300r


    I used to own a 96 seadoo gtx a few years back, (when it was new) and i am looking to get back on a ski. I have found someone that might be interested in trading me one of my atvs for one of these two skis.

    I would either be getting the 03 XLT1200 with a trailer plus some cash for my atv, or the 07 Gp1300r even swap for my bike, or I may have to add some cash on the 07 trade but thats not 100 percent negotiated yet.

    the XLt has 110 hours on it and is bone stock. The GP has under 50 hours but the owner says that the previous owner modded it and has no clue to what was done. All he knows is its very fast and runs good. The GP also doesnt come with a trailer.

    So whats the best way to go here? Older stock ski or new one with unknown aftermarket parts? Are either of these two engines more reliable than the other? I like to go fast but dont really want to be having to fix other peoples mistakes.

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    All you've told us is that you like to go fast. Based only on that it's a no-brainer, the GP1300R.
    Who else will be riding? Where do you ride? What will typically do for the day with the waverunner on the water?
    If you want to ride two up, pull a tube, or take leisurely cruises, you'll want the XLT1200.

    Mechanically, XLT has powervalves (wave eater clips necessary) & carbs. GP is fuel-injected. If both are still oil injection, double zip-tie all oil lines.

    Won't go wrong either way, both are great skis. If you want to have all the fun all alone, go with the GP1300R. If you want to get your wife/kids/friends involved, the XLT is the better choice.

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    I am biased because I have XLT 1200 same year but it is fast and a great cruiser too plus like other posts say you can pull tubes etc. Go with your instinct as well who knows how they modded the other one you start screwing with these machines they have to be done right or big trouble.

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    Yea this is a clean cut matter of will you be riding it alone or with a wife and/ or kid. Both great skis but the GPR will be faster and handle better and thus more fun, but like many performance two seaters, it's not really a two seater.

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    I guess I should have gave you guys some more info:

    The ski will be stored at the marina I keep my boat in. On the radical bay nj near staten Island and Perth amboy. We are usually hanging out at the dock every weekend and I figured it would be fun to have a ski to take out while hanging out.

    Right now we tow with our boat, but may be going to a larger one next season and it may be a little too big to tow with, so it would be nice to be able to tow with a ski.

    I would mainly ride with my girlfriend or solo. Not really looking to parade people around. If she likes it I'm sure we would pick her up one for next season, which would most likely be a 3 seater for the added stability.

    What mods should I look for on the 07 that might hurt it's reliability? I don't want to buy someone else's problem. I like the fact that it has low hours. The current owner said he got it last year and put 10 hours on it since he had it and they were all trouble free.

    If it turns out the 07 is not in the condition I like, or he will not accept the trade on my atv, will the 03 be reliable with over 100 hours? How many hours do you typically get before a rebuild is needed?

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    The raritan can get balls ass rough, and if the GPR is not set up right you can get your arse beat up pretty good in a days ride...

    even tho ski`s have gone well over 100 hours, they usually have been maintained very well and the necc changes made to keep them running. But 100 unknown and used, IMHO you`d have to start looking at everything, compression, carbs, oil lines, cables, pv`s, bolts, mounts, etc etc basically the entire machine regardless how clean it might look, salt water skis can have many issues...

    get more information on the 07... I`ve read where some people called just a few mods done to the ski "highly modified"... maybe just the usual necc items have been addressed like tunnel reinforcement, D plate, resistor chip, throttle cable recall, grate/plate, PPK, impeller, steering nozzle, etc, and if that is the case then you are ahead of the game, bc many people here will suggest those very same upgrades.
    reliability is just as good with those mods as a stock engine per say... If the ski has high compression, premix, 3* timing key, reeds, and more mods resulting in more power output then I would just go over all of it to make sure it was done correctly. If you are mechanically inclined and can spin a wrench than this might be worthwhile, if you are not and rely on shop techs or stealerships to do it, than consider something else... 2 stokes can be very finicky...

    it all boils down to both of them being 2 strokes and both of them need the necc care to keep them going trouble free...maybe try and find a fresh water ski, salt water machines get fugly quick if not cared for.
    if you just want to gas and go and ride in those rough water conditions maybe search for a 4 stroke, those can be very simple to operate and maintain...
    it is always a great idea to ride and test each ski you are interested in, that should help in reveal any driveability issues from start up to warm up and go... good luck in your quest!...

    here is one example of a ski for sale that had some work/maint done to it> http://www.islandracingperformance.c...ead.php?t=1561
    disclaimer, I have no affiliation to this ski or person, just showing a ski for sale out there...

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