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    1996 gtx rev limiter???

    i have had a on going problem with this ski. as you increase throttle it sounds like a clogged jet or a fuel problem rpm goes only so high and then it sounds like its running bad like a clogged jet but its not. i have replace both the carbs and spark plug wires and assy from a good running ski. i have also replace the fuel valve and filter. i am wondering if it could be a faulty rev limiter or the rectifier. how does it limit the rpm??? would it sound like the ski is running bad or does it just simply lower the rpm?? also could the rectifier cause this, the battery is fully charged. by the way the problem comes and goes. if i keep racking the throttle back and forth sometime it goes away. this made me think that i had a fuel issue but i have replace everything related to that.

    Please Help!!!
    thank brent

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    have you checked your valve on your exhaust, cleaned the rave valves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by middaughm View Post
    have you checked your valve on your exhaust, cleaned the rave valves?
    Yes. I forgot to mention that this is a whole new engine block with new rave valves. I had this problem before replacing the engine

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    What color are your fuel lines. Gray one are bad ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyheb View Post
    What color are your fuel lines. Gray one are bad ones.
    I have replaced all lines with new hose

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    What rpm range are we talking here?

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    Anywhere from 1/4 on up

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    carbs replaced Or rebuilt (curious on internal carb screen)

    Does it spit sputter or sound like its bogging down down

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    Swapped carbs from running ski. Screens are clean
    I guess more of a sputter. Sounds just like a partially clogged jet but as I said earlier new carbs, fuel line, fuel valve, if I pull the inlet line from the carbs fuel flow freely. I tried to run it a little while it was running bad and pulled the plugs. I found that the mag plug was more fouled than the other. These were brand new gapped plugs.

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    I would really like to know what this is because mine does the same thing !!!! Very frustrating. I've done everything the OP has but it won't go above 2000 rpm's when this happens. It starts and stops doing it like a switch. When its running its awesome and is absoutly fine but you don't know when its going to do it. when it starts doing this, it could last 1 minute or 20 minutes. I've ridden for an hour before it does and i've riden a minute before it happens

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