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    can i fatten the mix just by turning the low and high screws

    Got the carbs apart right now
    was wanting to hit the water by firday so dont have time to wait for shipping on
    T handles
    120 mains
    110 pilots
    1.5 n/s
    95 gram spring

    i have no cat
    riva s3 exhaust
    and may be deleting water box and running pipe out the back
    and modded stock air box
    still have acc pump intact

    I know these run lean
    So with all the mods i got going would it be safe to run on the stock jets and needles
    and just try to richin it up with the screws for the weekend ?
    or am i sitting on a time bomb?

    If it will be ok to run any suggests on where the high and lows should be set?

    thank you

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    Good starting point is 1 and 1/4 out from seated on the lows and 1 and 3/4 out on the highs. This should be real close. Tommy Jordan

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