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    Confused about parts

    Well I recently bought a 02 gp1200r and it has extremely sluggish acceleration out of the hole and after I had someone look at it the impeller housing,impeller, and stationary fins are chopped up.

    So my question is from looking on ebay I can find the impeller and housing, but they are for older model gp's. So would they fit my ski?


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    The parts that match your ski are 2000-2004 GPR ( not a 1997-1999 GP) for the stator and 2000-2002 for the prop. ( the 2003-2004 props would be pitched too tall ) I have a new oem prop off a 2002 gpr never used for sale $35.00 plus shipping if you are intersted. Check or post in the yamaha classifieds section of the forum for used parts, Tommy Jordan

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    I have a stator(stationary fin part) out of my 01 for sale-just changed to ho pump. $50 plus shipping

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