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    what can cause this?

    The other day I overheated my engine quite badly. Some screws has got loose at the pipe so water didnt run to engine head. Sadly I didnt look at the water indicator for the 2 minutes this was going on. (I ran it about 1 minute while it was running bad because of heat, cause the day before I had a sparkplug problem, and I thought that was it, sadly it wasnt, so I ran it warm in quite some time).
    Today I tested the machine again. It ran very well, but some few things I noticed. If I was sailing slow (very slow) for few seconds, it wasnt "ready" to out of the whole performance right away, it needed more gas for few seconds.
    Also it has more difficulties starting. It was easy to start it first time, but when it was ran warm, it was quite a hassle. (I do have primer).

    Can this be because of the overheating? I checked my reeds, those are fine. What else can be wrong?

    Also I think my reeds are fine, there are a small gap between reeds and the surface they should close to, but I guess they pressure will close this? 1 mm gap. I just know they arent there as new.

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    Have you run a compression test? Forget the reeds, you probably toasted the pistons and cylinders.

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    would a compression test indicate this? When I was sailing today is was running at normal speed. I may see if I can get a compression test tomorrow

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