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    Just got 2 sl650's+trailer for FREE

    Thats right picked up 2 1995 sl650's for free. Replaced the batteries and both fired right up. However after reading some information on this sight, i guess i should have not taken them out right away for 3 hours without doing some maintenance checks.

    On ski #1 it stalls sometimes when at idle, or when you let off the throttle. However at WOT or high rpms it runs like a champ. I also must play with the choke and throttle to get it to start up each time until it finally takes off. ( i sort of blame this on being a 2stroke and needing to be ran at high rpms, which is why it sometimes stalls when at lower rpms, is this correct?)

    On ski #2 its a little harder to get started and then at the end of 2 hours of riding it kept stalling randomly no matter the throttle position. However this one is a bit harder to diagnose since the throttle lever was broke, i'll have to see what happens what i get a new one on.

    Just wondering if this information points to any known issues?
    I've read most all the polaris pwc articles and I have some maintenance to do. News spark plugs is a first, and i also need to do the triple outlet pump upgrade. However both these skis look like they have new carbs since they're all shiny on the insides. And the fuel lines have been replaced with black rubber lines. I don't know too much about the skis history but will have to find out if anythings been done to them since the previous owner is my neighbor.

    After reading on here, it seems like these 2strokes can be quite cumbersome and i am not sure if its even worth it to replace/check all functioning parts, or just drive them as is until they go. Just seems like a good amount of money and my time will be tied up maintaining these. I can't believe a lack of fuel will burn a hole in the pistons, shouldnt it just stop running? Now i see why 4strokes are taking over.

    It good to be here! excellent forum!

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    Never say bad things about 2-strokes.

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    When properly maintained and tuned, these 2-stroke engines have good power and will pull strongly right from idle. One of the strengths of 2-stroke PWC engines is that they can rev rapidly and produce a lot of power from a lightweight and relatively inexpensive engine configuration.

    A well running 2-stroke is anything but sluggish.

    As you have read (and lots of relevant info can be found via my signature links), the fuel system is critical to engine health. If the fuel system, including the carburetors, is not 100% good then the engine will continue to run, but the lower ratio of fuel to air causes the temperature of combustion to increase. Hot enough to start melting the pistons.

    This is why we recommend taking the carbs apart and making sure everything is really clean and in good working order. Much cheaper to rebuild carbs than to rebuild engines

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    Take a look at the price to replace a 4 stroke engine compared to a 2 stroke and the minimal cost to maintain the 2 stroke is very inexpensive.

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