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    swap wr500 electronics to 6m6

    just wondering if this can be done I have a good 6m6 cdi and can get ahold of a 650 stator. If somebody has done this swap a parts list would help me alot.
    thanks for the help

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    I asked this question also. My project engine came with a 6M6 CDI and box with a 500 stator but I do not know if this was ever a working engine. I know that the 500 and 650 stators have different ohm values so you cannot mix 500 and 650 electronics, atleast I do not think you can. Also keep in mind that the electronics for the 650 was tuned to that engine (timing, porting, compression, size, etc.). How or if it will run good or bad is a big question. I have not read about anyone that has done this switch. I would really be interested in the outcome of this. My project I will be staying with the 500 electronics and maybe in the future I will modify my CDI to increase rev limit. 500 has rev limit of 5500 and 650 has 6500-6600. What do you mean by parts list?

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    I didnt know if the 650 stator fit in the 500 flywheel or if the 650 flywheel fit on the 500 engine. I was hoping to bolt all the 650 parts on and ride.

    Anybody know if the 500 stator will burn the 6m6 cdi?

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    i haven't read or seen anyone do this..i would think you could cut the 650 coil to the same curve as the 500 wheel you'd then be good with using the 650 cdi..

    Be worth experimenting if you have a 650 ski to donate parts from...I am assuming its got more advance and the higher rev limit would be a plus...
    If you had a doner ski with a trashed 650 you could get everything ,wires and all to install into the 500 box or adapt the 650's box into the 500 hull..

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    well i tried the 6m6 box with the 500 stator and no spark stator ohm out good.
    the 6k8 cdi box fires however it wants even fires with the pulser coil unhooked.

    I seen ebay has a few 6k8 cdi's but dont really wanna spend that much rate now

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    so i found a guy on craiglist selling parts off a wr500 i got the stator and electrical box from him. I put the parts on had spark started 1 time for few seconds then it stop sparking again what gives I now have 2 cdi boxes that very weak spark and even spark without the w/r pulser coil wire unplugged. When i first installed I could spin the flywheel by hand and had good spark. to get the weak spark both plugs need to be out and motor spinning as fast as possible.

    Does somebody have any ideas?

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    Did you ohm the coil to see if it is withing spec?

    Also if you have the spring plug connector in the plug boot you might want to remove boot and cut wire 1/4" back (if you have enough wire) and put spring plug connector back on.

    Look at this also

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