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    Question fog supercharger on 300x after every ride.

    sup guys, i was reading in my book somewhere on page 134 it says at the end of each days use oil the supercharger. How many of you guys actually oil the supercharger after every day? i figured to do it at the oil change intervals, also this is off topic of the supercharger it also says to lube the pump every 20 hours? I looked at the pump and there is no grease fitting or anything that i can see, the book doesn't actually tell me how to do it. Do i gotta take the pump out every 20 hours and physically inspect everything? That seems like a bit much to me and really doesn't make sense. I called the dealer and asked them and their answer to me was to buy a service manual (real professional jerkoffs are what those guys were to me). Just wanna get some input of what other guys are doing as far as maintenance goes and how anal everybody is about it.

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    from past experiences you need to be real anal there is a fitting to lube the s/c rotors with fogging oil, previous model s/c locked up from saltwater injestion so kawasaki are covering there ass. previous model pumps were crapping themselves also hence the inspection every 20hrs and yes you need to remove the pump and bearings to do so, guessing thats why your dealer said buy the manual if you werent prepared to pay them to do it.

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    I would fog it after every ride. It is a good idea. Also keep your seat cracked to let out any water or moisture that is in the engine compartment. Pull the drain plugs when you pull it out of the water on the launch ramp to help get out any water that might have gotten in there.

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    he never really specified that you gotta take the pump off. It just didnt make sense to me to take the pump once a month, but i guess if that what ya gotta do i will proceed with doing so. Thanks for the input guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_more_rice View Post
    If you're in fresh water and taking the ski out just about every weekend you should be fine. Another little trick I do is start the ski the day after a ride and run it until the exhaust warms up, to dry out any residual condensation on the blower impellers. No point in squirting more oil into the intercooler if you don't have to
    I rarely ride in fresh water. 99% of my riding is in salt water. What would you recommend for salt water?

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    i fog my ski after every use it dosent bother me at all to fog it 10 seconds is better than having ur s/c broken on a new machine

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    so i guess i can get a can of fogging oil at the marine store?

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    on the new 300 there is a fogging port under the seat mine came with a can of kawaskai fogging oil, i think they are all suppose to. I fog after flushing the motor after every ride.

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    I purchased the Ultra 300LX this past weekend and after the first day of riding I tried to fog the SC. Dealer sold me a can of fogging oil that came with a small red tube (similar to what a can of WD-40 comes with). Problem is when I fog the port it comes out after 1 or 2 seconds. It's not a tight fit. The port seems to have a lip that would fit a hose with a special fitting. Is this the case? Did the dealer sell me a generic can when I should have been sold a Kawasaki can meant for the Ultra 300?

    Love the ski otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I was given a can of kawasaki fogging oil with mine. I was told that the first can is supplied from kawi.....generic shouldnt matter mine sprays out at me sometimes too, just move the hose to make it stop. it may be the angle you are holding it at.

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