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    Can you pull transom with jet drive attached?

    I'm swapping a bunch of parts from an '08 FX Cruiser to my '02 FX140. I want to put the 08's transom plate and jet drive on the '02. Can I just unbolt the 4 transom bolts and pull the entire thing off as one assembly or do I need to pull the jet drive unit first?

    Also, I keep reading different things on what to seal the transom with, and the jet drive with. Some say 3M 5200 is too strong, 4200 isn't strong enough. And then there was mention of Boat Life's Boat Calk. But I couldn't tell if it was intended to just seal the jet drive (substitute for Yamabond) or if it could be used on the transom as well. If I have to pull the drive separate from the transom plate do I need Yamabond or will one of the above work?

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    I cant think of a reason why you couldn't, but be prepared, that transome plate is stuck on there pretty good. If it was me, I'd do them seperatly. You dont gain much by doing them together and you'd have more room to work on gently preying the TP away from the hull.
    As for sealant, I liked the 5200 myself. I dont plan on taking it off much.

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    I recently pulled the pump and transom off in one piece on my SHO. It's a bear but it works.

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    Yup. Got it...Wasn't too bad. A little tougher than pulling the one on the 02 that I did piece by piece, but definitely doable.

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    Sawzall is quicker.

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    Hahahaha WTF!!!???? Dude! you need to work on your technique. Thats a smidge too agressive.

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