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    Best places to ride in Virginia (VA)

    hey guys. i am a long island native born and raised. i live on the north shore and usually ride my FZS out in the long island sound.

    my parents have a second home down in VA - in the shenandoah valley near weyers cave. my girlfriend and i have been traveling down there more often lately and were thinking about towing the ski down for our next trip - 4th of july weekend.

    i am looking for places to ride.

    i read through another VA related thread and saw several mentions of Lake Anna and Smith Mountain Lake - both of which I had spotted on google maps and looked enticing - but the threads claim they are both super BUSY. both of those lakes are also a good 2-3 hour drive from weyers cave.

    i'd LOVE to do some river riding.. its not something i've ever done before - but i'm not against lake riding, either...

    any suggestions close to their home?


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    Hey there-- have towed my ski from Atlanta to SML. We put in at the SML state park. There's a small fee. The water is very clear compared to Lake Lanier and the mtns drop right into the water over by the dam. It does get busy on Holiday w-ends though like any lake does but I enjoyed the riding and recommend it.

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    Look up Claytor Lake just a little bit down I-81 from where you'll be... great lake and not too bad for traffic. Getting ready to take mine up there as we do every summer.

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    Busy is a relative term.

    Come to SML on the 25th of June. A PWC only poker run is being held by the SMLPBA.

    It's worth the 2 hr cruise to get here.


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    Lake Anna is a great place to ride, although is busy on the weekends like any other lake. It's not as big as SML, but still pretty big. The big difference is the water at Lake Anna is much warmer than SML. It was up to 83-84 this past weekend.

    The Poker run at SML sounds like fun. I wonder how long of a drive it is from N Va down to SML. How many jet skis participate?

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    Check out You can find the SML Poker Run flyer there.


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    thanks for the input! any more comments are welcome.

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    come on down you will have a ball!!

    it's about a 3 to 3 1/2 hour drive from Northern VA

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    Weyers Cave is a little over 2 hours from SML

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    details on that monster of a boat of yours in your sig pic!?

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