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    New to the forum

    I just wanted to say hi and share a story on some Polaris PWC's I own... a 96 slx and a 95 sl 650. I have owned both since practically new. It has been very enlightening reading on here on the maintenance and performance upgrades. There sure is a wealth of info on this site. I kinda feel lucky now because I have to be honest... I have done nothing to theses skis other than add gas and oil...ha ha. Every year they fire right up. I never had a problem other than replacing the battery every few years; which could be blamed on just bad battery maintenance . Theses skis have seen water in Texas on Lake Taxoma all the way up to Madeline Island trips on Lake Superior! But, about 8 years ago me and my buddy moved to Alaska and I left them in Wisconsin where I am from. Well, since they have been so good to me and gave me so many good memories, I could not part with them... even though they were 4000+ miles away. So last June me and some friends flew to Wisconsin and bought a old run down rv. We decided to make a road trip out of it. Long story short we loaded all three (my buddy has a 95 sl 650 too... pretty much same story) onto a trailer and headed for Alaska! It was a wonderful trip even though our lovely RV broke down several times. Well 6000 miles later and about $3500.00 in gas later the skis are in Alaska!

    Well as usual both of mine fired up after 8 years of sitting. My buddies 650 did not run very well but we used this site to track down the fuel problem to the weak fuel pump. I have decided there is no way I am gonna part with these machines so I plan on doing some well needed maintenance to both of mine. My buddy has already started by doing some cosmetic work to his and of course the fuel pump. thanks for the great info so far and I will update as I plan on sinking some well deserved money into these wonderful machines.

    Below are a pic of the machines behind the 1975 Eldorado RV in Wisconsin, a pick halfway in Canada and a pic of the machines in Big Lake Alaska!! These skis are well traveled!
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    Thanks for sharing!
    I ran a 1995 SL for about 5 years straght with the old fuel pump and original carb rubber. I made the upgrades after talking to anothe Polaris owner on the lake. I think I was doing a search for triple outlet fuel pump and came across the Hulk.
    Enjoy your machines!

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Welcome to the Hulk..

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    I'd also like to welcome you to the Hulk.

    It's always nice to hear a cool story like yours. It does seem those skis have gotten around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doornholio View Post
    bought a old run down rv....... lovely RV broke down several times.

    1975 Eldorado RV !
    Welcome to Green Hulk
    LOL.....I bet that '75 Chevrolet could have used a fuel pump-water pump and hoses, just like the Polaris.

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    Welcome, good times!

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    Welcome, cool story and pics.

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    Welcome to the Hulk. And nice trio by the way

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    Great story and write up. Welcome to the Hulk. Yeah, my slt i never did anything to it for 8 years also. ran perfect.. I like you enthusiasm about your Polaris skis. You belong here with us. Dodging icebergs up there? Keep your thermostat in though. that water is way cold.

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